#Preference you guys get into a fight.

this like imagine/preference

You guys get into a fight.


Taylor stays quiet when he gets pissed off at you but he is quick to explode as you keep asking him questions. He yells and cusses like there is no tomorrow. You step back from him as his sudden anger scares you. He screams at you and you can feel the tears threatening to spill from your eyes. He stares at you for a moment before storming out. After you guys fight you ignore each other for about a day or two and then Taylor ends up apologizing and he offers to take you out.


I feel like Cameron would be so sarcastic when you guys fight which would obviously piss you off even more. He would chew his gum nonchalantly and raise his eyebrows every time you said something. The fight would literally result in you bursting into tears and Cameron rushing to your side as he hates to see you cry.


I feel like whenever you and carter argue he would act like he doesn’t care so he goes into his room and plays on his xbox and to get his attention you would stand in front of the tv. He would tell you to move but you were a very stubborn person so you carried on blocking the tv. He clenches his jaw and throws his controller to the side before walking up to you and pressing you against a wall violently kissing you.


Shawn would lean against the kitchen counter and listen to you screaming at him for what he had done and when he had, had enough he would slam his fist on the counter and yell back defending himself. His sudden outburst would cause you to flinch and it resulted in you crying. Shawn would sigh knowing that he never intended to hurt you and he would walk out of the room because whenever you guys argued he knew it was better to be apart.

Jack J.

I feel like he would be super quiet not wanting to hurt your feelings. He would let you let out all your anger which soon turned into sadness and you ended up crying. He would walk up to you and cuddle the shit out of you kissing the top of your head.

Jack G.

I feel like he would stand there and roll his eyes at everything you said. He was mad that you didn’t trust him. He would then be like “I’m done with this shit.” And he’d walk out. You didn’t cry you just felt the sadness in your body.


His jaw would clench and unclench as he sat down in the chair and you walked around yelling at him for whatever he did. He would then laugh at how worked up you were getting and he’d get up and walk over to you planting a soft sweet kiss on your lips. You didn’t kiss back for a while but eventually gave in.


You guys were arguing in his hotel room. Matt was trying not to yell at you but it was failing badly. However you were not the slightest bit phased by it, when you said something you stood by it. “I can’t believe you right now!” He would yell. You scoffed rolling your eyes and standing up right then Cam and Carter walked in and you walked out saying “I’m so done Matt.”


Aaron didn’t like to fight with you but when you guys did argue he would feel so bad. He never liked to yell at you so whenever you guys argued he would make sure you sit down and talk it out.

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